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Title: All Developmental Updates
Post by: fightalpha on August 19, 2014, 08:48:50 am
Dec 26: Registration Open + Downtime Apology (http://"")

Important Notes:
Deposit payment and final payment can be paid through different payment options, e.g. deposit can be paid with Bitcoins, and end payment with Bank Transfer.

Dec 30 - VAT Update (

Jan 3 - Scrypt ASIC Chip POC Prototype Video (

Jan 4 - Pre Order Update (

Jan 8 - Batch 1 Closure + Future Updates (From CEO) (

Jan 10 - Updates Management (

Jan 15 - Timeline (

Jan 19 - Viper Update (

Jan 22 - Host Board Block Diagram (

Jan 29 - Developmental Update (

Feb 12 - Developmental Update (

Important Notes:
Alpha technology (int) Ltd is a registered company in England and Whales with company number 08483921. Our VAT number is 176115022

The address of our registered office is:
66 Dickenson Road, Rusholme
Manchester, M14 5HF, Englahd

Feb 21 - Developmental Update (

Feb 28 - Development Update (

March 12 - Development Update (

March 19 - Matching Competition (

Important Notes:
This is where Alpha first publishes a July shipping date; so starts their strongest and most-publicized "Shipping in July" selling point. Remember in their original Terms of Order (
they promise "The exact shipment date shall be notified on our website." At this point, if you were thinking of asking for a refund you'd be happy to hear a July shipping date, and might not have asked for your 75% refund which you would have been entitled to at the time this official announcement was published:

we started development in May 2013 and are on schedule to ship in July giving us a clear lead

March 20 - Big Announcement (!.htm)

Important Notes:
shipping as soon as July giving us a clear lead

March 27 -  A letter from the Managing Director (

Important Notes:
Alpha pushing their advertised shipping date as a main selling point:
we feel the best thing for Alpha Technology to do now is focus on our lead and getting our miners shipped in order for our customers to get their return on investment sooner rather than later.

And this (in bold letters in the announcement):
Our development started May 2013 and is scheduled to finish July 2014

..our imminent release...

And in case there was any doubt:
We are very satisfied with our development, we will be releasing a high quality, fully featured, industrial grade miner ... by July.

Also, they broke their January TOS ( by removing PayPal as a payment option:
We have elected to switch our debit/credit card payment processor from PayPal;

March 29 - Development Update (

Important Notes:
your shipping starts July

April 14 - Development Update (

April 27 - A Message to Customers (

Important Notes:

This cloud hosting promise was later rescinded:
all batch 1 customers will get free hashing power from our cloud; we do not yet have a date as to when we expect it to be operational so for now we are simply saying as soon as possible

May 13 - Development Update (

IMPORTANT Your order update (

Important Notes:
This is when Alpha sent final collection for payment. According to their Terms of Order:
Balance payment of 70% shall be collected 8-10 weeks before shipment date.

10 weeks from May 13th (the date of this collection email) would have been July 22, 2014, a date that came and went without any shipment made.

May 22 - Payments (

We're happy to inform you that development is finalizing and we are on track for shipment in July.

Therefore, it is now time to collect the remainder of the funds for your order(s).

Customers who in the meanwhile cannot, or do not wish to, pay with Payza can simply wait. This will not affect your client status, nor your place in the order queue/shipment priority.

May 27 - Performance Increase! (!.htm)

we currently have one of the most if not the most competitive offer on this market considering we are still on track for July
we will still be shipping in July; even with the increased hash rates!

May 29 - Updated Invoice[/url[

Important Notes:

(emphasis mine)
we are still on track for the promised shipping date.

Rest assured it will never come at any cost to our shipping schedule, shipping will not be delayed.

June 20 - Viper Update (

We will also be releasing a full guide on how to use the miners both with the WebGUI and without it before shipment (which will begin somewhere from the 15th-31st of July)

July 15 - Payment Processor Update (

Important Notes:
We are aware it is half way through July (and passed our best case scenario date)

July 28 - Developmental Update (

Important Notes:
As you know we are nearing the end of July with no shipping date.
Absolutely false. A shipping date was promised and advertised as July 15 - July 31st.

In the interest of there being no confusion, July while it was our genuine expectation, is not mentioned in our terms.

Again, their terms state:
The exact shipment date shall be notified on our website.
An exact shipping date was advertised since March, re-iterated weekly on both official email updates and on their official forum by their spokesman Fiaz, and *promised* on May 29th via email. They broke their own Terms of Order
by going back on their promised shipping date.

July 30 - Leading The Industry Together (

Aug 1 - Final Payment (

those who want to wait to pay via CC/DC or want to wait for 'proof' can do so. This will not affect your place in the queue and we are pleased to tell you it will still be based on the initial payment.
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: johannes on December 26, 2014, 02:11:35 pm
UPDATE 22/12/2014  :

1. Above are the images for CGMiner integration wherein you can see hashing for a single board. Out of the 11 chips on this board some are fully working with the rest only partially working. That is because the chips in the above board are pre-memory repair and pre-testing. There will be 15 such boards in the 250Mh/s system. In the final system ALL the chips will be fully tested and repaired so they work at 100% (with the capability of being overclocked).

2. ASIC is undergoing MBIST (memory) repair.

3. Testing has been concluded and with it we have fixed many bugs, we are now waiting for the final version of the PCB to arrive which we will be doing the final prototyping test with and begin mass assembly.

We apologise for the unexpected delays, we must say these were purely incidents out of our control. It has taken longer than expected for our design team/aggregators to complete its test solution. The test solution is used on all of our production wafers to test which chips are working and which are not; and using memory repair on the ones that are not. We have now managed to complete the test solution so the wafers that we have had waiting, we can instantly test, and forward for assembly into our systems. We do not want to guarantee a date at this time but it won’t be much longer as we have overcome the main complications that caused our delay and will carry on updating you as we progress through manufacturing.

Change In Registered Office Address

As of Monday 22nd December 2014, our registered company office and postal address has been moved to:
Alpha Technology (INT) LTD
Manchester Business Park
3000 Aviator Way
M22 5TG

At our previous address post will be forwarded up until 25th December 2014, so we do not miss anything which may currently be in transit. After this date however all post will be returned to the sender.

We would also like to remind you that Alpha Technology (Int) Ltd is a 'virtual' business and has been from the start, whereby our staff are not located at any fixed location as work is being carried out with respect to our project all over the world including the UK, Denmark, Netherlands and India. The admin staff at Alpha Technology (Int) Ltd itself dealing with customer service also have no fixed location and all work is conducted internationally around the clock.

We would also like to add the ONLY way to contact us is via our emailing service, any queries or questions should be sent to and if they relate to your order

Despite all the complications we still wanted to take this time to reassure you development is finalizing and the wait shouldn’t be much longer. We also cannot wait to reveal our future plans next year (that will not involve pre-ordering) but for now we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram

Title: Developmental Update 08/02/2015
Post by: johannes on February 08, 2015, 07:35:46 am
We appreciate your patience during this critical time for us; we assure you we will do our utmost to reward it once batch 1 is behind us. We encountered a few issues with finalizing development but during board bring up we managed to come up with 2 solutions, one that does not require any DC regulators and one that does. Our system design process is currently going through some tweaking so we can identify the best solution. Our goal at this point is to deliver a miner that operates as effectively as possible, optimizing its hash rate and power usage, with a quality system to boot. We could have taken the easy way out and shipped sooner like other companies but we didn’t want potentiality faulty and underperforming hardware that lacked durability.

We have noticed there aren’t really any other miners on the market as it appears companies have failed with either tape-out or funding. We are at least happy that we have had no such issues ourselves as we have spent time correcting all errors, deficiencies and potential shortcomings through all the stages of development whether it be chip testing or system tests. In short at this time our goal is to provide a quality product; not a rushed one. But that does not mean we aren’t working as fast as possible and focusing all our efforts on getting batch 1 shipped ASAP. Again, we intend to apologise for the wait by not only surprising you with the product but really removing all doubts with our future plans. The wait is thankfully almost over and we hope to start delivering soon, we already have our materials and parts ready it is just a matter of further prototyping and tweaking our design so our product is fully optimized and durable once you receive it; you will be emailed as soon as we get a shipping date.

Here are some images with the boards inside the 50Mh/s system:
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: Dag0r on March 04, 2015, 07:14:04 pm
Hi guys I think this one from from 18/11/2014 is missing.

There is quite a key quote here:

"We would also like to take this opportunity to state unlike other companies we are actually giving refunds to customers as a goodwill gesture despite our refund period being passed. "

                     Greetings Miners!

First of all we must say we do sincerely apologise for the delay in releasing this update, the engineers at the foundry were working on the test solution in an iterative way with our original designers because the test vectors supplied by the designers did not work immediately, this took longer than expected to correct however we have worked diligently to do so.

We can now confirm to you our miners will be capable of being overclocked thus increasing their performance. Also here are some images of the final enclosure and boards:

Whilst the chips have been very costly and complex to produce they have been worth it as it seems as of now are the most efficient on the market working better than expected at 1.5 Mh per chip. As they have turned out so well they are of course going to be very desirable on their own as such we plan sell them in wholesale bulk; with customers benefiting from this via the profit sharing scheme of which we are happy so many of you are on board with.

We would also like to take this opportunity to state unlike other companies we are actually giving refunds to customers as a goodwill gesture despite our refund period being passed. We also feel the increased hashrate (10x the original hashrate),  and being a part of a large profit sharing scheme makes up for shipping later than anticipated. On that note we are glad to be able to finally announce shipping will be commencing soon however we are still working further to make the devices more efficient. We are very excited about moving forward with you all into the future of this industry so look forward to what will likely be the final batch 1 update very soon.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram

Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: johannes on April 05, 2015, 06:40:20 am

                    Greetings Miners

 We’re pleased to bring you a new update.

Thank you for your patience! We know it has taken a while for new details to come out, and offer our most sincere apologies for any inconvenience. We’re as eager as you to bring news when it is ready for release, and above all deliver your device.

 System Update

 The power consumption of the Viper device was estimated to be 10W for a core voltage of 1.2V and core frequency of 200MHz. This estimate was based on simulation results that kept a power down feature during idle cycles for the internal SRAM in consideration. However since mining is quite the continuous activity, the idle cycles could not contribute enough for lower power needs. As such, power consumption went to approximately 18W at full speed and frequency.

As per the initial calculations, the current requirement for the core voltage was less than 9A per Viper device ( 10W / 1.2V = 8.33A ). The initial prototype was designed with a 50A power module from a leading semiconductor manufacturer for 4 Viper devices (4 x 9A = < 50A), keeping room for some over-clocking possibilities. Since the power consumption changed to 18W, the current required also changed to 15A per device which would require at least 60A for 4 Viper devices. We also noticed some voltage dips on the core voltage rail of around 200mV during the start of computation of one Viper device, this could affect the working of another Viper device connected to the same voltage rail. To cater to such requirements, single modules were pretty expensive. In order to save cost and do some more optimizations, another new design was created. It uses 15A power modules from another leading semiconductor manufacturer for each Viper device. However these devices have been behaving a little erratic and we have found them unstable during our QC tests.

The design is currently getting reviewed and failure analysis is being done by the experts at the power supply company. We are waiting for their response so we can get the correction done. A parallel design is also being done with another power supply having 20A capacity. We have tested the software, and the functionality is working properly which really pleases us. After this last issue gets sorted out, the bulk production can start and shipment will follow.

 ASIC Update

 A few sample Viper devices were tested to identify issues with PLL, IOs, memory etc. with the test vectors generated. Devices were tested and categorized into those that pass and fail. When the same devices were tested with the ZIF socket board, the results observed with these devices were different. Devices which were marked as pass did not pass the functional test completely when tested with the ZIF socket. A few devices passed the functional test with the ZIF socket board and a few failed. Test vectors were updated to include BIST (built-in self-test) to identify device which pass and fail functionally.

On further analysis of the results observed with the tester, the ZIF socket and the test vector simulation results, it was found that the tester has a higher voltage drop and configuration of Viper PLL via JTAG with the tester not working properly. Test vectors were updated to configure PLL over UART and shipped back to test house along with the devices for a re-test. By using the new test vector and increasing the core voltage with the tester, test results of the ZIF socket board and the tester started matching properly. In short, this issue is now under control and it is being worked on as fast as we can.

We are sorry shipment has not yet occurred. We very much appreciate the situation and are working our hardest to deliver the best product possible with the resources we have available.  We would like to reiterate our previous statement that all we can do is reward your patience with a product that is ready and optimized instead of rushing and then deliver potentiality faulty and under-performing hardware. We know you are eagerly waiting to get your hands on these devices, we share this enthusiasm and are quite impatient ourselves to start shipping, and hope you can understand we’re not here to take the easy way out: but deliver a high-quality well-thought of and well tested device.  We are still providing the various enhancements to the final specifications of the devices including a 10 times increase of the hash rate. We plan to e-mail all customers as soon as we have the shipping date, but we cannot estimate one at this time. All we can say is that once we have these last issues resolved and assembly has started, shipment will follow as soon as possible afterwards. We already have our chip quantity in stock, so there will be no need for us to wait for chips. That stage has now been completed.

On that note, we’d like to express our gratitude for your immense patience and confidence, and extend our sincerest apologies for the annoying delays whilst this machine is being engineered to perfection. We know it seems that every month there is delay after delay, but please understand that development is outsourced and we are genuinely passing on information we are being told by the technical teams working on the project as it comes in.

We do our best to speed the process up and finalize the devices.

Stay tuned! We hope, and are fairly confident, that our next message will be that mass-production has started and be able to inform you that shipping will be underway.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram



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Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: johannes on May 09, 2015, 08:34:19 am
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: Serge on May 15, 2015, 10:29:01 am
We would like to once again thank you all for your patience during this final period. Be assured we are near shipment with just a few more steps to finish. We wanted to give you a quick but significant update on the progress of the miners; we have completed our prototype of the smaller device. It is important to note it natively hashes at 1Mh/s per chip with 3 cards and will overall hash at 35/36Mh/s. However, the software will allow you to over-clock it so you will be able to bring it to 50Mh/s immediately (as shown in the video). We are now just finishing work on the larger device and once it is done we will do some quick work on efficiency increases, and then we will be ready for mass manufacturing with shipment directly after. We anticipate shipment will be no later than July though we cannot promise a date yet and will update you as soon as we have that information. For now you may view a video demonstration of the 50Mh/s device and our software:

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram


It should be noted that this represents another breach of contract. To wit: Alpha promised that the devices would be able to hash at 50 MH/s. These do not; they hash at 35 MH/s. The fact that they can be "immediately overclocked" to 50 means nothing; they are currently not performing to spec.
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: johannes on June 09, 2015, 07:30:36 am

                    Greetings Miners!

As mentioned in our last update we are in the stages of finishing up work on the larger device before mass manufacturing of them both. We are now able to provide a demonstration of the 250Mh/s prototype which is nearly finalized. It is currently hashing at 180Mh/s however please note this is without it being over-clocked which the final device you receive will be capable of; bringing it to 250Mh/s once the system cooling has been finished. Here it is:

Once again we thank you for your patience and we will email you as soon as we have a shipping date which shouldn't be much longer now
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: Serge on September 14, 2015, 04:52:53 pm
Very interesting and in some respects encouraging that development updates are continuing to come out. Andrew Morgan from SCS says that it is a good thing that a UK company is on board now, as it makes enforcement just a little easier.

We sincerely apologise for getting this update out to you after such a long time. As we have been at a stage where we have just been awaiting system design changes and tweaks there has not been much to update on; as these have been more technical than physical so we do not have much to show.

We had originally planned to have our devices already shipped, as said in our previous update we have all our chips ready; the only delay was getting the system design so we are manufacturing and assembly ready. We had sent our system design for review before manufacturing to a UK based company who are experts in system design, they had found flaws in the system design which was made by the Indian design team. We were told if we were to take our design for manufacturing there would be serious issues. Therefore, we have contracted this UK based company to commit to making these on both the 50Mh/s and 250Mh/s systems.

The technical recommendations and changes are summarised below:


Design analysis shows that the issues found can be solved by bill of material (BOM) and hardware changes. The proposed solutions need to be tested on a prototype to verify that the proposed solution is effective.
DFM review shows that an update to the PCB is needed before going into mass production.
System analysis shows that the Enpirion power supply can be used as an alternative power supply solution to the Texas Instrument power supply without compromising cost and performance. Recommendations for future expansion are also considered.
Recommended that the USB port at the back of the data miner system be reallocated as a USB to serial interface. Having a freely accessible serial interface would be useful in scenarios requiring emergency recovery due to an invalid network setting rendering the system inaccessible via Ethernet. One such solution would be to use an appropriate FTDI USB to serial transceiver.

Towards the end of July these changes were sent to our Indian design team so they could implement them and send prototypes back to the UK based team. The Indian design team is days away from completion, once these changes are made we will start manufacturing and shipping in phases; the 50Mh/s devices first and then the larger devices.

We truly apologise for the delays and are doing the best we can to ship ASAP. We have been with our original designers from the start and it is difficult to change contractors if they have first hand knowledge of our chip and system design, this knowledge dates back since 2013 with our FPGA design. But now when we have hit the stage of the project where we have had the chance to slowly hand-over our designs to a UK based company we are seeing positive signs and progression.

When developing a new technology from a white-paper and concept, there are bound to be delays which we cannot anticipate, unfortunately we were hit by these delays. As this was a pre-order project we did make customers aware most of the work was yet to be completed. I also believe there are currently no other scrypt-based miners being shipped from any competitors, so when we do ship I believe customers would be delighted to finally have our product in-hand. Finally there is something very important to me that I want to make mention of, my intention is to try to compensate all batch 1 customers (including those refunded) in the future with our further projects.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram

Managing Director
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: johannes on October 19, 2015, 03:30:48 am
 Greetings Miners!

As stated in our last update, we were going through some design iterations, these changes were sent for prototyping and we have received back our prototypes. The initial power-up and testing are successful, we are currently performing some more intense testing by mining for longer durations to identify any fine tunings required. The mechanical enclosure, SOM interface board and other accessories are all ready. Once the testing of the SCRYPT boards are completed we will proceed with integration of the viper system and mass manufacturing/assembly. We will keep you updated on further advancements.

Lastly we would like to add that we offer our sincerest apologies for any issues throughout development, when developing a new technology such technical delays were out of our control. We hope to deliver a product that has no issues during operation. And would also like to state that if you feel we have wronged you in any way we sincerely apology and hope to make up for it.

Please find below the images of the new SCRYPT board and the enclosure:


Best Regards,

Alpha Technology Team
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: shdwlynx on January 26, 2017, 10:19:14 pm
Holy smacks, after all this time, there's a new one, and these fools are still trying!

Oh, man, check out those redesigned power supplies.  I bet those will make up for the years of delay.

Here's the full article for posterity:

Greetings Miners!
Company Update
First of we would like to apologize sincerely for the delayed update, 2016 has been a hectic year for us to say the least. We have been through company restructuring, change of design teams and dealing with the consequences Brexit had on us.
We have always been honest with our delays, transparency has always been our company policy from day one. We understand there have been points of darkness in our updates, but we have always been working in the background to get to this stage. There have been some rumors circulating stating we stopped development due to funds or have no intention to deliver, but that is definitely not the case.
As Britain leaving the EU was announced the value of the pound dropped significantly. This had an affect on us as we deal purely internationally with all our suppliers. However, over the last few months as a company we have restructured a lot of our financial services and deals with suppliers to negate these affects. Where a lot of companies in this sector threw in the towel due to a list of different reasons, we are resilient to deliver what we promised.
The Director of Alpha Technology, at this point has personally invested more money into the company, and has not profited from this project. Contrary to some rumors circulating we can assure you as a company we are well-funded to complete  this project and keep our R and D services continuing in the years to come.
When we started this project, we received huge support and positivity in regards to our transparency. Our customer's felt apart of the developmental process and loved our regular updates regardless of delays or hiccups in production.  And those loyal customer's are still with us and we are now in a position to provide regular updates till we ship in the year 2017.
The reason for the delays we had been relying on our Indian design partners for many years who had constantly delayed us and designed a very fragile system at a very high cost. When starting a design that starts from ASIC to system design, it's usually best to stick to your original designer's as they are familiar with the system. We had first attempted to move to a UK based design company as our last year update suggested. However, this did not pan out as the original system design was so flawed it was impossible to improve it unless a whole re-design was done. As a company quality is more important than cost to us, so we have sourced the best teams in the world when it comes to design and manufacturing.
It has taken us some months now to move-over our partners, but our new Taiwanese designers have made leaps and bounds in development. We have done in these few months what the previous Indian design team had attempted to do in 2 years. Therefore, we do not expect any more significant delays going forward.
Technical Update
We are totally upgrading our mining system, the old design we have shown previously has been totally revamped and upgraded in every single way, from board design to enclosure design. One of the main features in our mining-system besides our custom ASIC chip are the dc regulators (power supply). We are currently testing and validating 2 custom DC DC design options. The PCB's are 6 layers with very fine details, so it takes longer to produce than the standard boards.
We are doing all the BGA mounting in-house at our design teams premises. As you can see in the below image (example of one prototype board) the board has 2 x DC DC custom designs for testing purposes. and we will test them both to see the most power efficiency and stability. You can see how this design plan is custom rather than our previous board's where we used ready-made modules. This provides us with custom power regulation according to what we require of our Scrypt miners.

Staying powered on for long periods of time, and the specific requirements from our custom ASIC chips requires a custom power design so we can maximize efficiency in our products. Majority of other miner's we have seen on the market have had problems with power regulation and system durability. As other companies tend to use cheaper low quality designs, and building the rest of the system around these shortcomings.
We may have been delayed in our shipping but we always promised ourselves we would rather delivery an up to date product according to 2017, rather than an obsolete product for quick delivery. The custom-system design we are doing is very unique and not minimalist like majority of other Miner's on the market. Just like we were the first to announce and research the feasibility of Scrypt Miner's. We are similarly making breakthroughs in advanced custom system designs which we have not seen in the market at all. The custom DC regulator is just the start, we will provide regular updates on our unique advanced system.
We hope our loyal customer's will be satisfied with our new system, and the boundaries we have had to overcome to get to this stage.
Best Regards,
Alpha Technology Team
Title: Re: All Developmental Updates
Post by: khan on October 02, 2017, 02:57:53 pm
Here is the latest update....

They will be delivering the ASIC miners soon :)