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Hello everybody,

I am doing a class action lawsuit basically against alpha tech.  So I found a lawyer that will do all the work and he will even cut me a break.  All I need to see is who will come on join me on this claim.  Class action lawsuits are kind of a misnomer he told me but what he said was they will basically take all of the claims on the same day and the judge will hear them.  So any of you wanting to help fund me and join the fight please throw some money into this one.  10k might be too much to ask for but i figured since i am using dollars it would be worth crap in the UK!! 

Even if i don't reach the goal give me your contact information or give me a call at my UK business number and we can simply put our small numbers together and take these bad boys down.  They did us wrong and now must abide by our new contract.  =)
UK +441618189505

Will be glad to work with you all soon. 

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