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Small Claims - Post your Claim / MY CLAIM AND DEFENCE FROM ALPHA
« on: January 05, 2015, 08:22:48 pm »
After further investigation we can confirm we have not conducted
business with a Johannes XXXXXX  at the address provided by the
claimant. Please could the claimant provide proof of bank transfer
to Alpha Technology (int) Ltd, and what name and address the
product was ordered to (our issued invoice) and the exact amount
as provided as in the claim. Once we have a correct name and exact
address of order, with proof of business transaction and an
invoice we can confirm who this claimant is and therefore can
respond to the accusations put forward. If any details are
incorrect from the claimant the claimant must use their correct
details to file a NEW claim. We await proof of business
transaction and correct customer name and address so we can
confirm if this claimant is legitimate or not

We have noticed several claims with the same address, 83 Ducie
Street. Whereas, we have never conducted business with anyone at
this address.
I am the Defendant - I believe that the facts stated in this form are true
Managing Director

Small Claims - Step by Step Instructions / NEED HELP FOR FRENCH CUSTOMERS
« on: December 26, 2014, 11:51:10 am »

I'm from FRANCE

I ordered 2x Viper (Scrypt) Miner (250Mh/s), for 10970£  FULLY PAID with bank transfer  :'(

For assistance leading to a refund I am willing to pay 10% of the refund commission  :P

I have already completed the  action fraud form online (2months ago)


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