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Alpha's Counter-attacks / Our attacks on Alpha
« on: August 29, 2014, 04:05:22 am »
In waiting for the response from Alpha to my mediation letter, I consider to fight against AT in court with the following attacks:
1. As I paid in full, I am mostly concerned about the refund of the final payment (70%). In the Jan's terms and conditions, there is no place mentioning the refund of the final payment and also, in the following updates, I did not hear it.  Their response to my request is: as we do not mention it in the contract, there is no refund for the final payment. Their reason is very weak and liable to be attacked.
2. The timing of notifying customers to pay the final payment is at the start of assembly and shipment. But, actually, they knew by the time that they could not start assembly  process, and thus, the announcement of collecting the final payment  is to deceive our customers. This is a very serious problem of deceptive marketing.
3. They got our final payment and then told us that the product delivery was postponed to Sept, two months later. In the contract, they were not authorized to change delivery date and also broke the contract terms of collecting final payment three months ahead of the delivery.
4. The terms and conditions of Jan's version do not regard us as business and individual customers. They put these additional terms in later versions of the terms and conditions, which cannot apply to our earlier customers.

We can find more on their violation of the terms and conditions in their emails and July announcements (updates). The more they said, the more easily they will be attacked. Let us discuss and provide more to make them loose their defense in courts. 

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