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Report Alpha / Deposit refunded without permission + order cancelled
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:25:11 pm »
Is anybody else in the same boat as myself?  I paid the deposit with PayPal and the remaining with a bank transfer.

I have been negotiating back and forth with AT for a few weeks over a refund amount.  The last amount they offered was 50%.  I came back with 70% and a few days later I got my PayPal amount (30%) refunded and my order cancelled.

I have emailed payments dozens of times asking WTF and have sent my bank info for the remaining amount but absolute silence.

I've opened an Action Fraud report and they've responded saying it's been assessed by the NFIB and they've began actions to try and disrupt the activities of the suspected criminals.  As much as I want these guys to burn, I also want my money back and I'm not sure this route will help in that.

I think I'm in a bit of a different scenario in that they cancelled by order, refunded me 30% and kept 70% to themselves without my permission.  This is now a criminal issue, not civil.

I have emailed them letting them know this but they're still arrogant enough to ignore me.

Are they responding to anybody?

Have anyone else been hosed like this?

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