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I have been speaking to a lawyer in the UK about this case and he says that Alpha have three County Court Judgments (CCJs) entered against them for a total of nearly £15,000, which they have failed to pay. Apparently, this only hurts their credit rating but does not prevent them from continuing to do business. So I'm told that even if we won a judgment against them for what we're owed, they would most likely simply refuse to pay it.

The next step in the process would be filing a "winding up" petition with the courts, which - if awarded - would then cause a liquidator to be assigned to winding up the company and satisfying its debts with the liquidated assets. He feels that its likely to cause Alpha to do a deal, in order to avoid being shut down completely.

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« on: November 11, 2014, 05:33:22 am »
I just got a refund of my deposits via PayPal from Alpha, after having requested a settlement of 60% of my fully paid orders. They shorted me SIGNIFICANTLY in doing this (my entire final payment in Bitcoin), then closed my orders. So now, I am going to pursue legal satisfaction. Already contacted BitPay with the transaction details. I'm in the United States, has anyone had any success outside the UK?

Really aggravated right now.

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