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Success Stories / Confirmed Paypal Refund - Initiated by Alpha
« on: November 18, 2014, 12:37:15 am »
Hello all,

I have been sending Alpha emails for weeks demanding either a new shipment date in writing or a 100% refund. Early Saturday morning (November 15th, 2014), they contacted Paypal and had Paypal issue me a refund of my 30% deposit. I have received these funds, they have been credited to the card that I used.

I am owed a 100% refund. A trader can not hide behind a terms of service. They accepted the money, and are by law required to provide the item by the agreed upon ship date. If they do not ship the item, the customer is entitled to a FULL refund. I have sent them multiple emails informing them of the balance due, and have yet to receive a response.

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