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The lawyer in the UK I have been speaking with told me that he had checked with the UK Companies House and found they had 3 CCJs against them, to the tune of 15,000 GBP, which they had not satisfied. I imagine at this point there are probably more. He said that although it'd hurt their credit, it wouldn't prevent them from continuing to operate their business not to pay them. I found that really disconcerting, personally...especially considering the fact that they probably aren't in a position where they NEED credit to operate.


my brother has just finished study'ing law and works as a paralegal at a city firm now, he thinks that getting summary judgement will be easy as they have breached contract and are obviously being evasive. The problem is enforcing it with bailiffs or liquidators when they might not even be solvent and just declare bankruptcy anyway.

I would like to know how you know they have 3 CCJ's on them already? is this info publicly viewable? can it be paid for? the reason I ask is I dont know if its worth chasing at this point. I bought 1 miner, got 30% back and I can write it off as a loss and get quite a bit bank from the remaining 70%.

Would also be willing to spread the solicitor fees with you guys.

Sent you a PM, FightAlpha, and also mentioned it to the lawyer who is up to speed on all of the Alpha-T nonsense, who suggested the winding up petition. I'll happily jump on board with any number of people to pursue it, I just can't foot the bill myself. As it is, it's really unlikely anyone will be paid short of this action and I can't throw more money at it just to get a judgment that Alpha will refuse to pay.

I have been speaking to a lawyer in the UK about this case and he says that Alpha have three County Court Judgments (CCJs) entered against them for a total of nearly £15,000, which they have failed to pay. Apparently, this only hurts their credit rating but does not prevent them from continuing to do business. So I'm told that even if we won a judgment against them for what we're owed, they would most likely simply refuse to pay it.

The next step in the process would be filing a "winding up" petition with the courts, which - if awarded - would then cause a liquidator to be assigned to winding up the company and satisfying its debts with the liquidated assets. He feels that its likely to cause Alpha to do a deal, in order to avoid being shut down completely.

Report Alpha / Re: UK's Fraud Reporting Tool
« on: November 13, 2014, 07:31:04 pm »
Added my own fraud report to the mix, today.

Yeah, they can't claim that you're requesting a refund outside the window of their initial agreement, when they themselves have breached that agreement and rendered it effectively null and void. They failed to ship by the end of Q3. They have failed on NUMEROUS claims and have materially changed the product and terms on numerous occasions. They don't have a leg to stand on.

Success Stories / Re: Confirmed Paypal Refund
« on: November 11, 2014, 06:02:24 am »
Alpha-T canceled ALL of my orders a few days ago and refunded my full paypal payments (i asked for a 50% refund for 1 order).
So currently i got ~30% back for all of my orders. I payed 70% with SEPA transfer and hopefully there is a way to get all of my money back.

This just happened to me, too. I wrote them requesting a settlement of 60% of what I had paid for three separate orders and instead, they merely refunded my PayPal account for the 30% pre-order payments and pocketed the Bitcoin I sent for final payment, back in May. I sent a message to BitPay about it, but now I'm here and will be looking at how to proceed with a formal legal complaint, seeking full restitution.

Adding insult to injury, they refunded me in GBP and because the US dollar has gained so much strength against the pound, I've lost a bunch of money there, too.

And just to update...I've been officially banned from their forum, as of today.

Small Claims - Post your Claim / Joining the fray
« on: November 11, 2014, 05:33:22 am »
I just got a refund of my deposits via PayPal from Alpha, after having requested a settlement of 60% of my fully paid orders. They shorted me SIGNIFICANTLY in doing this (my entire final payment in Bitcoin), then closed my orders. So now, I am going to pursue legal satisfaction. Already contacted BitPay with the transaction details. I'm in the United States, has anyone had any success outside the UK?

Really aggravated right now.

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