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Now I understand why some of their customers got partial refunds. It was because they were cleaning out their accounts of all the funds. Some of the accounts were frozen and the money could only be returned to sender, they had no access to it. If I were cleaning up shop to leave the country I'd want to close as many of those accounts as possible. Even if that meant I had to return the funds that were frozen, whatever it took to close the accounts.

They're gone, this is now over.                                                                                                THE END!

Has anyone done any detective work about this company and its related neighbors? Even social media and researching company info could be helpful to paint a picture. This is why a lot of people had a bad feeling about hopping on board awhile back. For example..

Prior to Alpha-Tech moving in, there was Saddique & Co Chartered Accountants, and next to it was Rain Gaskell. Well, Rain bumped out of there and Saints Solicitors legal practice moved in. After awhile Saddique faded out and Alpha-Tech was born.

Saints Solicitors LLP is identified with Zain Siddiqi, a Pakistani, who apparently has strong sympathy toward the Pakistan people/issues. The practice also specialized in Sharia compliance, along with various Islamic law application. SSLLP has since moved to a new address as of spring of 2014.

Saddique & Co was a long term venture with really hard to find paperwork on the company. There is another Saddique venture, Saddique Brothers Enterprise. Now this could be unrelated entirely, but I'm including them because they formed right as Saddique & Co disappeared, and they  just happened to form within eyesight up the street. This one is identified with Shazad Saddique. A few guys with his name in the nearby area pop up, one of them with business acumen--no way to determine who is who--but the one guy is a gambler. So, speculation here, but an accountant who is involved with lots of gambling.

The Akram family has been involved in a line of companies and financial work for awhile. The elder has worked as a managing director in a couple of places, and is involved in at least one well known islamic trust. The younger popped up in a couple of ventures.

Two things stuck out in my mind the most. First, the Akrams hopped into several ventures at once.. all in march/april of the same year. For folks reporting low-to-no capital or gains, they're able to hop into ventures easily. Second, they've registered and renamed and registered companies to themselves several times, which isn't unusual, but a pattern is emerging: the company names they're using are almost exact copies of other well-known company names in similar industries, particularly well-established companies with deep pockets.

In fact, a great example, look at just 2 of their recent companies: Research Alpha Technologies and Cheshire Technology and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's not a bad thing, and I doubt they are related to those other companies, but it is a known technique folks use in order to trick would-be customers/investors, so that when these people look up "alpha technologies" they'll see a well-established organization and have boosted confidence on investing. It would be like someone starting a company making operating system files and calling themselves Microsoft Co.

Just tossing some stuff out there.. this has been discussed to a small extent in the past, but I keep emphasizing that folks need to research. Follow the money trail. It could be harmless coincidences, or it could be evidence that they planned to hide assets for if/when things went sour.

I also don't know if it's of any value to mention, but back when they had photos of themselves, if you used the photos to search online for more traces of them, the photos couldn't be found anywhere else by most of the popular search engines. I'm not sure if anyone else had any better luck. It's highly unusual an an IT age for folks like this to have no trace online using their digital image.

Sources: Google, social media, UK business disclosure websites, etc.

Success Stories / My PayPal Reversal Info
« on: October 13, 2014, 04:59:51 pm »
Here is the information showing that I did indeed get a reversal and full refund from PayPal for the 30% down payment I initially paid to Alpha-t.  I hope this helps you all get your money back. 

My original payment to Alpha-t was on Jan 4, 2014.
PayPal reversed this payment for me on Oct 3, 2014

My name is:  PM me...

Reversal (Unique Transaction ID # 55H06240T7828644W)
See related 6YU14735AK051702W  ( This was my original Jan 4 purchase ID.)

Original Transaction
 Date                   Type                                                                                Status            Details                                                                     
 Jan 4, 2014   Payment To Alpha Technology (int) Ltd      Reversed      PayPal reversed this payment and returned the money to your PayPal account.     Amount -£405.00 GBP

Related Transactions
 Oct 3, 2014   Reversal    Completed    ...   £405.00 GBP
 Oct 3, 2014   Currency Conversion    Completed    Details   -£405.00 GBP
 Oct 3, 2014   Currency Conversion    Completed    Details   $629.87 USD

Business Name:   
Alpha Technology (int) Ltd

If this was helpful to you and you want to make a BTC donation:



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