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well there have been no changes to my moneyclaim since alpha submitted their defense- no updates about medation or anything

welp, still havent heard anything back from the courts on mediation so I think I need to call the courts to figure out what to do next. I don't neccessarily want to file a second claim and pay the money to end up in this exact same spot- alpha t lying through their teeth and then hitting a wall at the mediation point since courts havent emailed me back and I dont know what next steps to take.

I am unsure on how to update an existing claim to include reciepts- I see nowhere in the court system to do so?

Also, I have recieved no official paperwork in the mail- i wonder if the forwarding address company isnt sending stuff, or is the court just not sending stuff?

well i submitted my documents for medation but have heard nothing back from the courts and nothing has changed in my money claim. Should I just file again and include proof that i did pay the 70%? That was alpha's defense- that i had already been refunded my 30% (which is true through paypal) but i never paid the remaining 70%.

Obviously I have bank reciepts and a reciept from their system stating I paid. My question is if I should just file another money claim against them and this time include reciepts since A) there has been no movement from the courts or in money claim and B) they dont have to opt to enter mediation

Just looking for some advice here from someone who has one their court case or is currently in mediation.

also, have you won your case yet and recieved a judgement after they did not respond to mediation? or are you still waiting? If you are waiting, how long do you typically have to wait before requesting a judgement?

what if we cannot attend the court date? Also, how can we submit evidence like a receipt?

Alpha's Counter-attacks / Alpha's trying to say I didnt pay?!
« on: October 27, 2014, 01:59:55 pm »
So i filled my suit last week, hopped on money claim this morning to see Alpha has defended my claim and said I never paid the remaining 70%-  too bad i have an email from their system :). My question is what happens next? i didnt see anywhere online to refute their claim. I saw somethign in the PDF about having to pay more money and fill out more paperwork? Where can i fill this out, and how do I submit it?

Success Stories / Confirmed Paypal Refund
« on: October 11, 2014, 02:13:16 pm »
Hey Guys,

I was successful in getting refunded from Paypal. People on Bitcoin Talk requested that I post this image proof here. When I got my refund I called paypal back and they gave me this reference number: BC-003-447-192-336

BTC Address if people wish to donate: 1E33DAq4LLHocgJGfxh58MqopsgCkv1emd

Best of luck to everyone! I'll keep you updated on where I net out from the bank transfer stuff.

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