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Hi Guys, I had my Court appearance today. Alpha didn't show up and lost. They have 14 days to pay.

@fightalpha:  It is 2pm in court in person. on March 17th. I skipped mediation as Alpha aren't being reasonable and I wanted a faster resolution.

Sorry I haven't logged on for a while. My Court Case is on March the 17th.
I will of course let you know the outcome.

This customer has only paid a deposit of 30%. As per our terms and
conditions we provide FULL refunds to deposit payers, but only if
the customer requests the refund within a certain period. This
customer never requested a refund within 5 months of making
payment, therefore is not eligible for a refund as the refund
period has passed.
In response, to the increased in power, this is actually an advantage to customers which the customers voted on. The product
is 10x more powerful than originally advertised therefore requires
slightly more wattage, but the advantage of 10x performance is far
more beneficial than the slight increase in wattage. However, this
is irrelevant as the customer never paid the 70% remainder
payment, they only paid the deposit.

I personally think this is an outrage, I ordered delivery Q2 Q3, not Q4 or next year. THEY BROKE THE CONTRACT.
They just want to thieve my money, any suggestions for a reply?

Well here goes, I have just submitted my claim.
They have 2 weeks to respond.

I am a UK resident so let's see what happens, I will keep you updated.  ::)

Small Claims - Post your Claim / Re: Small Claims Info
« on: October 18, 2014, 12:56:05 pm »
Hi Guys - Great site - Thank you

But do you have copies of the original terms and conditions to support the claim, Alpha T have changed them?
It would be helpful to have a download of all supporting documentation.

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