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« Last post by hache on July 16, 2017, 03:00:41 pm »
Well, so what's the situation guys? I won my claim aged ago, still haven't seen a penny, scs law says there's no way now to enforce the payment... Anyone ideas?
Success Stories / Re: OMG - I got a partial refund
« Last post by Leroux on July 03, 2017, 07:50:14 am »
That's because Paypal still got the trenorol some of their funds frozen probably. But we who paid by bank transfer are fucked. We haven't and won't see a penny... The worst thing is they will never ship anything.

Congrats, I know it's hard to get any money back at all.
Success Stories / I got my money back !!!
« Last post by johannes on May 31, 2017, 06:54:57 pm »
Today I received my 6230£  from Alpha   8)

Judgment dated 15 october 2015, Do not lose hope my friends
If I can be useful, do not hesitate to contact me
Having no contact for more than a year and following the message of Dynofly I decided to recontact Alpha and to my surprise I caught their attention...
Success Stories / Re: Winding Up Order Success!!!
« Last post by khan on May 30, 2017, 11:24:43 am »
great news
Success Stories / Re: Successful recovery of all funds and legal costs
« Last post by hache on May 20, 2017, 01:33:14 am »
I got my judgemebt by Andrew Morgan at SCS said the father is not attending court and they allegate he is abroad. I might try this other option for 60GBP... It's worth it. SCS are not interested anymore I think.
Success Stories / Winding Up Order Success!!!
« Last post by Dynofly on May 09, 2017, 08:25:58 am »
I purchased two vipers with Bitcoin. I went through LPC law and failed at the first hurdle with a judgement but recently got all my money back with a winding up order (Settled out of court) with 8% interest on the original purchase amount and also the cost of the judgement. Alpha requested paying me directly but did not allow for interest and judgement costs. I have since received the monies owed and am just waiting on the refund of the court deposit. I am the second client of LPC law to go for the winding up order and would recommend anoyone with £10K plus owing to them to go for it.

LPC informed me they had won a winding up order out of court for a client, but what spurred me on was the account statement in companies house showing their assets and also their recent update which showed they were still 'about'.
Success Stories / Re: Successful recovery of all funds and legal costs
« Last post by Alpha-Oops on March 01, 2017, 05:12:30 pm »
I just had DBCL send me this email...

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your emai this address has been forwarded from James
I can confirm our Agents have attended the address and please see report below
Do you have any other address at all for the debtor ? would you like DCBL to trace for you? This is £75 plus VAT.  If you do have another address please advise and we will issue a new Notice of Enforcement to be sent to this address
I look forward to hearing from you soon and if I can be of anymore assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

So it looks like they didn't  drop off any WRIT or contact anyone at a Virtual office? perhaps i am wrong. Anyone still listening to our cries here?
All Developmental Updates / Re: All Developmental Updates
« Last post by shdwlynx on January 26, 2017, 10:19:14 pm »
Holy smacks, after all this time, there's a new one, and these fools are still trying!

Oh, man, check out those redesigned power supplies.  I bet those will make up for the years of delay.

Here's the full article for posterity:

Greetings Miners!
Company Update
First of we would like to apologize sincerely for the delayed update, 2016 has been a hectic year for us to say the least. We have been through company restructuring, change of design teams and dealing with the consequences Brexit had on us.
We have always been honest with our delays, transparency has always been our company policy from day one. We understand there have been points of darkness in our updates, but we have always been working in the background to get to this stage. There have been some rumors circulating stating we stopped development due to funds or have no intention to deliver, but that is definitely not the case.
As Britain leaving the EU was announced the value of the pound dropped significantly. This had an affect on us as we deal purely internationally with all our suppliers. However, over the last few months as a company we have restructured a lot of our financial services and deals with suppliers to negate these affects. Where a lot of companies in this sector threw in the towel due to a list of different reasons, we are resilient to deliver what we promised.
The Director of Alpha Technology, at this point has personally invested more money into the company, and has not profited from this project. Contrary to some rumors circulating we can assure you as a company we are well-funded to complete  this project and keep our R and D services continuing in the years to come.
When we started this project, we received huge support and positivity in regards to our transparency. Our customer's felt apart of the developmental process and loved our regular updates regardless of delays or hiccups in production.  And those loyal customer's are still with us and we are now in a position to provide regular updates till we ship in the year 2017.
The reason for the delays we had been relying on our Indian design partners for many years who had constantly delayed us and designed a very fragile system at a very high cost. When starting a design that starts from ASIC to system design, it's usually best to stick to your original designer's as they are familiar with the system. We had first attempted to move to a UK based design company as our last year update suggested. However, this did not pan out as the original system design was so flawed it was impossible to improve it unless a whole re-design was done. As a company quality is more important than cost to us, so we have sourced the best teams in the world when it comes to design and manufacturing.
It has taken us some months now to move-over our partners, but our new Taiwanese designers have made leaps and bounds in development. We have done in these few months what the previous Indian design team had attempted to do in 2 years. Therefore, we do not expect any more significant delays going forward.
Technical Update
We are totally upgrading our mining system, the old design we have shown previously has been totally revamped and upgraded in every single way, from board design to enclosure design. One of the main features in our mining-system besides our custom ASIC chip are the dc regulators (power supply). We are currently testing and validating 2 custom DC DC design options. The PCB's are 6 layers with very fine details, so it takes longer to produce than the standard boards.
We are doing all the BGA mounting in-house at our design teams premises. As you can see in the below image (example of one prototype board) the board has 2 x DC DC custom designs for testing purposes. and we will test them both to see the most power efficiency and stability. You can see how this design plan is custom rather than our previous board's where we used ready-made modules. This provides us with custom power regulation according to what we require of our Scrypt miners.

Staying powered on for long periods of time, and the specific requirements from our custom ASIC chips requires a custom power design so we can maximize efficiency in our products. Majority of other miner's we have seen on the market have had problems with power regulation and system durability. As other companies tend to use cheaper low quality designs, and building the rest of the system around these shortcomings.
We may have been delayed in our shipping but we always promised ourselves we would rather delivery an up to date product according to 2017, rather than an obsolete product for quick delivery. The custom-system design we are doing is very unique and not minimalist like majority of other Miner's on the market. Just like we were the first to announce and research the feasibility of Scrypt Miner's. We are similarly making breakthroughs in advanced custom system designs which we have not seen in the market at all. The custom DC regulator is just the start, we will provide regular updates on our unique advanced system.
We hope our loyal customer's will be satisfied with our new system, and the boundaries we have had to overcome to get to this stage.
Best Regards,
Alpha Technology Team
Judgements / I am an American Customer
« Last post by yinyang on December 13, 2016, 11:11:36 am »
As an American Customer who completed payments for two of the largest machines.   

 I would love to sew Alpha for a refund and interest as well.  Is anyone else in the same position that can point me in the right direction .  I have all the emails to document my purchase and I'd love to nail these guys as well for making their false claims.

Yin Yang
Success Stories / Re: OMG - I got a partial refund
« Last post by hache on October 24, 2016, 01:16:43 pm »
That's because Paypal still got some of their funds frozen probably. But we who paid by bank transfer are fucked. We haven't and won't see a penny... The worst thing is they will never ship anything.
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