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« on: January 29, 2015, 02:17:59 am »
So, I went a different route, I found hounding paypal was going nowere fast.  They kept telling me over and over that they couldn't do a refund.  So I bought my unit on my mastercard, through paypal.   I disputed the payment, even though it was over a year ago, yes you read that right, a YEAR AGO!! I deal with BMO mastercard, and I explained the situation, the way I went, is I told them that they promised shipping in Q3 of 2014, and that they changed there shipping dates, and that they still did not have a unit to ship in Q1 2015.  I didn't mention anything about money wise, and how it wouldn't be worth buying, I just simply explained that I bought an item that was supposed to get, and I haven't received it, end of story.   I provided documents, showing how alpha technology changed there terms of service, and it took 8 weeks and I received back my money!  Best of luck, if you went through your credit card, I go with this route.


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Got answer from my bank today, that they will not make any chargeback. The british bank of Alpha is blocking any refund requests. Unbelievable. So 2/3 of my money is lost. This was a hard lesson... never pay through SEPA transfers again anything. Only credit cards and paypal.