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Posts on Alpha's official forum of angry customers
« on: March 03, 2015, 05:27:15 am »
A list of posts from Alpha's on support forum:

Please notice the re- opening of batch one orders. Does this mean that they are ready to ship, or are they out of money and need more people to scam

It makes me so happy when my comment gets deleted on this forum, but you guys don't respect us enough to update us or refund us. You I'll say again: I asked you for a refund stating you broke contract. Your reply to me was: no you breached contract because you didn't pay us the full amount. Any reason for that? Any reason for telling me I haven't paid the rest of the money when you haven't even given a DATE YOU WILL SHIP?! YOU broke contract, not me. I was ready to pay. You are STILL NOT READY TO SHIP. WHAT THE LITERAL HELL IS GOING ON? Please delete this comment, too.



However, there are probably no assets to be had. Pathetic. I've totally lost my faith.
Even if they delivered tomorrow, the miners would be paper weights.

It is almost one year that we paid for pre-order.
how long more should wait?

Sorry to say guys, but Alpha are long gone.

The premises are empty, mail goes unreturned, the Directors are missing, and there is zero chance of either a delivered product or a refund.

I suggest "customers" report them to trading standards and the police.
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Re: Posts on Alpha's official forum of angry customers
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Re: Posts on Alpha's official forum of angry customers
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