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Which bank does alpha use for wire transfer?


For those who wire transferred money to alpha.  Could you please post the bank and their address.  Wire transfer address as well.  In conjunction with this form:

People will have a better chance retrieving their cash after judgement.

Alpha Technology (Int) Ltd - Lloyds Bank
•   Account Number: 10956460
•   Sort Code: 77-67-14
•   IBAN: GB93LOYD77671410956460
•   BIC: LOYDGB21E36

I went to my lloyds bank and told them the whole story and the bank manager did try her very best to get the money back for me but in the end wasn't able to. Shes was surprised herself to know that the company was still in operation with lloyds bank, but even she wasn't able to help after contacting her fraud department.

I'm just going to send them a final recorded delivery letter and e-mail and see if they want to settle out of court or want to go head to head and tango lol.

Let me know if you manage to get a court order for Lloyd to pay up alpha's mess.


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