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« on: October 01, 2014, 07:23:39 am »
I'm giving my claim a codename so others can keep coming back to it as it progresses.

Your claim was issued on 11/09/2014

A bar was put in place for Alpha Technology (INT) Ltd on 21/09/2014

Alpha Technology (INT) Ltd filed a defence on 21/09/2014

This is their defense:
As per our terms and conditions our product is still in
development and is scheduled to be delivered by Q3 (End of
September) as stated here in our terms and conditions

We provide regular developmental updates and the customer is aware
of this. If the customer requires a refund we refund them as per
our cancellation policy which is also stated in our terms and
conditions. Where they are required to email us and we instantly
go through the relevant process of providing them with a refund.

We take a fee of the customer as they are requesting a refund
before product has been completed and it puts us at a loss if we
are half way developing a customers product, which is scheduled to
be delivered by Q3 (end of September).

The customer is not eligible for a full refund or chargeback as
per our terms and conditions as the product has not hit it's
shipping time yet and scheduled shipping is still some time off
where we are still in the developmental stage.
This is what the customer was aware of before accepting our terms
and conditions by placing an order.
I am the Defendant - I believe that the facts stated in this form are true
Managing Director

Now that it's past September, their defense is invalid.

UPDATE 10/8. Alpha attempted to file a defense that "only UK residents can sue them". This is patently false and you can see why here:
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