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Winding Up Order - How much does it cost? New
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:29:51 pm »
What are the costs of a DIY Winding up order?

1) Court Fees £280
2) Official Reciever Deposit £1,600 (£1,550 is returned to you if they settle out of court so you only lose £50)
3) Advert in the Gazette £100. Alpha will actually pay up before you get to this step. Actually within 24 hours of getting a winding up petition.... because they are pussies.
4) Process Server £100
5) Application to withdraw wind up petition (after getting your money back from Alpha) £50

Court fees and deposit are paid directly to court so you write them a cheque for £1880. Once you get a sealed petition from the court, you send that petition after 7 days to be advertised into the Gazette for a cost of £98.40 or £82+VAT. You will also need to serve a court sealed petition to alpha Technology. If you know someone in Manchester who can serve personally, great. If not you can shop around for a "process server" who will do it for you.

If they settle out of court then your total cost will have been £280 court fee, £50 lost from deposit (you will get back £1,550), £100 from Gazette Advert and £100 from process server... Unless you find a friend in Manchester who can serve for you.

Total Cost DIY estimated between £480 and £580 (if they settle) :) You can get these costs from Alpha so its fine. I got the following costs. Court Fee £280, Official Receivers deposit return fee £50 and Withdrawl of petition fee £50. Cost to me was Zero :):):):)

If they don't settle... They will be getting wound up so everyone will be able to get back a fair amount of their money. They have £1m in liquid assets (from their accounts). In this case the costs would be around £2,000. So whats the odds of Akram folding over? Not much as there is more than £1m.... He would rather not fold as he is most likely paying himself a large salary each year.
Do the maths.

Here is a link to the court fees

Fees form is attached
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