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WINDING UP STEP 6: Send off the petition
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:24:46 pm »

Once you have filled Comp1, Comp2 and Witness statement. You need 4 copies of these documents. Write a cheque out to HMCTS for £1880.00. The court will most certainly be the County Court at Manchester as its closest to Aviation Way (the company address). Write a covering letter explaining the contents of what you have sent.

My example of covering letter is here

You can also download the attached document which is anonymised but you wil have to write something similar.

Remember: There can only be one application to wind up done at a time. So once your petition is recieved at Manchester CC, they will see if any other applications are pending at Manchester and at the Royal Court of Justice. After they get an all clear, they will stamp the petition and send you a copy to serve upon Alpha.... Congratulations, you are mostly there.

At this point.... Alpha should crap themselves and start thinking about getting their walletts out.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or giving u advice or making you do anything. If u want a 100% surety, get a lawyer.
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Re: WINDING UP STEP 6: Send off the petition
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Only we can help each other in this regard.