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My Winding Up Diary New
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:38:34 am »

This is a diary that I am doing so that people can follow the exact steps I have used and use them as a guide for their own Winding Up Petition.

1) 27-Sept-2017 - Sent winding up petition to Manchester County Court ( see post Winding Up Petition Step 6)
2) 29-Sept-2017 - Called Manchester County Court to see if Petition went through. Was informed the petitons were sealed
3) 30-Sept-2017 - Got the sealed Petition from the court. Basically they stamped the Comp1 form, Comp2 form and my witness statement. They sent me back 2 copies. I keep one copy and serve the other. I also posted one copy of the order to Alpha (signed for) and kept the Royal Mail tracking number. Copied the Royal mail reciept and stored in my file (for use later). I also emailed a copy of the winding up petition to Alpha Technology.
4) 03-10-2017 - All the funds are cleared in my bank account after Alpha offered to pay me over the weekend. Didn't even get to the stage of having to travel to Manchester to serve the official document nor did I have to advertise in the Gazette. Saved me having to fill out an N215 form to certify service of documents upon Alpha.
5)04-10-2017 -  Sent application to withdraw petition to court via post. Will probably call them on Friday to see what has happened.
6)12-10-2017 - Got the Withdrawl of Petition Order from court. I scanned a copy and sent it to the Official Receiver for a £1,550.00 refund. Just a waiting game now.  :)

To Do
1) Get the £1600 deposit back from Insolvency Service (Official Receiver).
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