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WINDING UP STEP 13: Feel great and richer
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:20:58 pm »

I have just got my refund cleared into my bank account today. Feels really good. These guys rolled over like lil pussies when I gave them the wind up petition with a court seal on it. Goes to show, you do not need a lawyer charging u 1000's.

From sending of petition to getting paid was 1 week. From sending petition to withdrawl was 2 weeks.... and to think about how long i spent chasing after third party debt orders and questionnaires. What a waste of time.

It cost me an initial £1880.( £280 court fee and £1600 Official Receiver deposit). It also cost £50 to get your £1600 back and another £50 to withdraw your application. I did not need a Gazette advert or a Process Server (someone to serve legal documents on Alpha) as they paid within 24 hours. Alpha paid the cost of the petition and deposit return as well as the petition withdrawl. You end up losing zero.... Maybe the cost of posting documents to and from court and Alpha tech. Bottom line... I am up many thousands of ££££ :):):):):):)

If anyone needs help, then just message me... you should not need my help because everything is in the steps that you need to follow. If any of my steps are unclear, let me know :):):)

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Re: WINDING UP STEP 13: Feel great and richer
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It's a very good step. I think it is very useful. It helped me a lot.