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Original TOS (January):
Way back machine:
Also, attached is a PDF

Not sure when this revision was first enacted, but this was captured on July 2nd by the way back machine:
Also attached as PDF

Ah the forum is working finally.

Just got banned from Alpha for stating they broke contract, and i did in a nice way never swore or anything bad and they banned me for it, i'am so annoyed that they cant even let people state the facts WTF. I think i'l end up claiming from them, has anyone started the claim or been successful.

Yes, many people have started a claim. Be sure to call paypal if you paid that way.. that's super important.. they're keeping a list and if you're on it you'll get a full refund if they prosecute Alpha.

Hi, do you have any reference to this list? When I was talking with PayPal they told me that :
1. Alpha get money already, and they never hold the payment.
2. It's too late for refund
However I called my CC bank, and they process my claim.

I emailed Alpha 3 times regarding refund my deposit and never got an answer.
After contacting PayPal I immediately got a refund of 1/3 of my deposit from Alpha and PayPal closed the opened case. I complained but PayPal told me that they can not do anything more for me.
They do not mentioned a list nor they offered anything else.
Can someone tell us more about the list?


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