SMF - Just Installed!


Anyone foolish enough to pay via wire transfer? Will i be able to get 70% back? I see many paypal refunds, i could just get 30% back and cut my loss?

I would love to see or hear of anyone who is going the small claims route, and how it is going?!

Good luck to everyone! :D


I posted this in another section but will repost for you:

I am no lawyer so this is unofficial. I can only speak to what has happened to me and what I learned from my own experiences. With that said, when I was going to pay my balance, I was going to use the Bank Transfer method. According to Bank of America, this is not as good as paying with a debit card or credit card. This method is not as protected as the others. BOA stated that they could still go after the money but that they would have to petition the bank that Alpha Tech uses, which is Lloyds Bank in the UK. BOA told me that really, anyone who buys with a Bank wire transfer is at the mercy of the receiving bank. But Lloyds Bank UK is a reputable bank. If you did a wire transfer through your bank then there is hope. The fastest way to get that money back would be by going through your bank and trying to get them to get the money back for you. There are other areas in this forum for small claims. I did not do one but the other entries should help you if you want to go that way.  Just keep in mind that Alpha Tech stated themselves that if things continue to go bad, they might go bankrupt in December. That is only two months away, or less if you consider 1 Dec as Dec.  Since they are totally silent on their wonderful prototype that has not been revealed yet, and no one has stated that they have received a working miner yet, one must suppose that AT has hit yet another snag in this project and does not want to tell anyone. I would  think as others have stated that if they have failed yet again that obtaining the funds to do a third attempt is unlikely to happen.  Better do something to get your money back and fast. The biggest threat at this point is AT going bankrupt. In  this case, all money is gone.