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Anybody here got a refund and if so how much was your refund compared to your investment?  I noticed that Alpha offered completely different refunds to clients that bought the same products under the same conditions. that's definitely not clear and transparent.  To me it looks like they are trying to delay the whole project until they will inform us that the whole project failed. they of course are very sorry for that but the money has gone into developing the devices and that's the reason why the do not have money for a refund. In reality they will walk away with our money and the whole project was just fake and only on paper with a couple of fake pictures from the fake product just for misleading us.

I have a received a 30 % refund, i.e. I got the deposit back (having paid the full sum).


--- Quote from: braaaah on December 01, 2014, 06:27:27 pm ---I have a received a 30 % refund, i.e. I got the deposit back (having paid the full sum).

--- End quote ---
Was the refund issued via bank transfer? How long did it take?

Yes, via bank transfer. It arrived the next day after they confirmed the refund, which was a surprise given how long I've been asking for it.
They now have one week left to respond to my money claim for the remaining 70 %.  No defense filed, yet.

After a couple of angry mails I got 40% refund (I've ordered 2x Viper 250 mhs). they made individual deals on refunds and that's  not fair. Given the fact that that they are already a unacceptable 6 months delayed, they most probably never deliver. I've chosen to go for a refund after doing a sort of risk analyze of this company. At least I have some money back now. Some people got nothing.  No money, no device.  I've heard stories about people getting 30%, 40%, and 50% back of their total investment. All these refunds were made after passing their so called 5 month period from ordering the product.


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