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On my second call back to PayPal, I got a female call center person who was aware of the issue and gave me my full 30% deposit back on the spot. It was in my bank in three days. She told me that the only thing that could make PayPal take back that money would be if AT shipped by end of Q3 which we all know has long passed.  I did tell her that the TOS was 5 months and was not clear about any other amount of refund. She said that this did not matter. What mattered was that AT did not abide by their sales agreement which consisted of shipment by 30 Sep 2014.  Extending that deadline was part of their original agreement with me. So, I have my money back and am out of this issue.  I never did send the 70% balance and never will. AT is not a company to do business with. I have learned my lesson. I will never invest in a project ever again. I also learned that the best way is to purchase with my debit card since Bank of America stated that by doing so they could have gotten my money back quickly. But I used PayPal and had to fight with them to get my money back. Lucky for me that I reached a call center person who did not fall back on PayPal strict protocol on refunds past 45 days of payment.   Stick with trying for your refund until AT goes bankrupt. Don't quit.

I meant to say that extending the Q3 deadline was NOT part of the original agreement so by doing so they are in breach. Not to mention that it is now December and still not product or even a working prototype. It does not matter if AT are crooks, scammers or something else. What they are not is a maker of working miners. This is hard truth. They can claim whatever they want to but we have proof on our side. They took our money and will not return it. AT has no product and has made no effort to show a working model to date. Pathetic.

Thank you ;)
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