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Small Claims - Post your Claim / Re: After judgement
« on: June 10, 2015, 08:25:03 am »
Hi FightAlpha,

I'm very disappointment today, just got reply from the court - It is ordered that ...
"Claim struck out due to non-compliance with the Order of District Judge xxxx dateed 18th May 2015".

Any idea what to do next ?


It seems Alpha MD is using your template letter.
That is why it look familiar  :'(

Small Claims - Post your Claim / Re: After judgement
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:58:40 am »
Thank you Sir,

I will give the Application for Summary Judgment a try. Thanks. One more think is
Could you please advice me on the BOLD text to be filled for the defence text from Alpha.

Defence says - The provided defended address is incorrect, AT is not reqistered at this address and has not been registered at this address for 2 months. As we cannot confirm we have  done business with me. Please could the claimant provide proof of bank transfer to AT, we await proof of business transaction so we can confim if this customer is legitimate or not.

Small Claims - Post your Claim / Re: After judgement
« on: March 24, 2015, 08:24:29 am »
Hi Gents,

Just got reply from my local county court and date for the hearing on 7 Aug 2015. Hearing fee of ¬£80. At the same time this morning I got email from Alpha Tech,  that Mohammed Akram writing to inform the court will not be possible to attend this hearing. He also attached his witness statement report. Please see below

Could you please advice me what to do next. Possible to take the mediation service without to attending the hearing. Thank you for you support.

Possible you guys had done this please give me some highlights. Much appreciated. Cheers.

1. I, Mohammed Akram, of 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester, M22 5TG. Director of Alpha Technology (INT)
LTD , on behalf of the defendant in this claim. The facts in this statement come from my personal
2. There were express terms of the contract (see below 'EXHIBIT A') between the parties ("the Contract"),
inter alia, as follows:
3. (Under the heading “Cancellation & Refund Policy") That deposits would be refunded on a sliding scale
such that cancellation after 5 months from receipt of payment conferred no entitlement to any refund.
4. That the Scrypt Miner devices which formed the subject matter of the Contract were being designed and
manufactured using funds gathered as part of a pre-funding project, that the devices were not in stock, and
that shipping was expected to take a minimum of six months.
5. That shipping dates (and other general updates) would be notified on our website (and as they have been
subsequently at regular intervals).
6. Whilst progress in the manufacturing of our devices has been slower than anticipated due to technical
issues outside of our control, we have proposed (which customers have accepted) various enhancements to
the final specifications of the devices as a result (including a 10 times increase of the hash rate). We have
not cancelled production of the devices and shipping is still scheduled to occur, and it has always been
made clear to our customers that such is the case.
7. There was and is no contractual basis for the customer's "rescission" (termination) of its order. As was
clear from the terms of the Contract, the estimated time for shipment to occur was not a condition of the
Contract. Please understand we are doing our very best to get the devices delivered as soon as possible.
8. I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true.

Small Claims - Post your Claim / Re: Form N180 Next
« on: February 17, 2015, 01:20:22 am »

Thank you for the N180 links. Yes i have a new N180 forms with D3 and D4. Ok here it comes

Yes Alpha comes with a defence - here is the answer. Very cheeky answer. Since I paid in BTC, I am trying to get Bitpay for the payment proof soon.

The provided defendant address is incorrect, Alpha Tech ltd is not registered at this address and has not been registered at this address for 2 months, the new address and business registered address was emailed to all customers over 2 months ago. This post has luckily been forwarded to our new registered address. The customer must start a new claim entering the correct business registered address if it wishes to make a claim.
Also we cannot confirm we have done business with my self. Please could the claimant provide proof of bank transfer to Alpha. We await proof of business transaction so we can confirm if this customer is legitimate or not.

One more detail:
Defendant New address on the defence N9B
Manchester Business Park - 3000 Aviator Way Manchester. M225TG

Small Claims - Post your Claim / Form N180 Next
« on: February 17, 2015, 12:18:40 am »
Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for the help, so far got a reply from Small claims with N180 form. I will be needing
some help here.

On the Notices of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claim Track letter.

"Take Notice That"

1. This is now a defended claim - The defendant has filed a defence, a copy of which is enclosed.
2. It appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claim track.
"If you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for the claim, you much complete box C1 on the Small Claim Directions Questionnaire (Form N180) and explain why.
3. Must complete with the date to Small Claims Directions Q to the court office - Northampton.

Kind if anyone have a copy what to be filed. Do i need to fill Section A, B, C and D.
Thank you.

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