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Step 6: Request a Summary Judgement


If Alpha used the defense that "You are not a UK resident", then you can request a summary judgement, because that is not a real defense.

A summary judgement means the judge will look at the defense, and if he sees it as a non-defense he will strike it out and you will win by default.

See the attached summary judgement sample application. Email it to your County Court.

Alpha wrote in his defense:  We have not done any business with  Paul66 at the adress provided.  Paul66 should prove a correct adress to the Court , if they wish to make a claim,  as this claim is invalid we cannot identify   the provided address as an address we have conducted with.
I have an email that can prove that the defense
is a lie. Is that enough for a summary judgment from application?

it is definitely worth a shot.  Please ask these guys, they have won cases against Alpha:

I got the same defense from Alpha and i won my judgment (not summary) but they never paid
Good luck


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