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Another winning judgment (full refund!)


The court issued an order which is completely in my favor and destroyed all of Alpha's arguments. They even agreed that Alpha was acting unreasonably.
The only bad thing is that I forgot to quantify the interests in my filing.

Update: I sent a copy of the judgment to Alpha and threatened to transfer it up in case they don't react. A couple of hours later, I received the following reply:

--- Quote ---Hello there,

Thank you for your patience. Your payment has been successfully sent to the bank details provided. Please allow 1-5 working days for this payment to clear.

Best Regards,

Alpha Technology Team
--- End quote ---

Update 2: the money arrived on my bank account.

Wow they are actually paying out voluntarily now! Can you please post proof when you receive the transfer? This is excellent news. (Also please post your threat letter if you can)

Here's my threat letter:

--- Quote ---Hello,

as you are surely aware, the judge has sided with me and ordered you to pay GBP 4,384.00 (see attachment).
Please confirm that you will make the payment within 2 weeks of the order date (i.e. November 3) to the following bank account:


In case you don’t reply to this mail, I’ll already prepare to transfer up this order to enforce it and not lose any more time.

--- End quote ---

They paid me back couple months ago. Why they start refunds? Because they mining on our vipers at least 6 months!!!!

One thing we can truly make the content we see here, then you need to look elsewhere.


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