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Registering your county court judgement New
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:33:40 am »

Update: I recently got my case number added to the list. Its the latest one based at Stockport.

I see that quite a lot of county court judgements against alpha have not been registered with Registry Trust. Basically courts should always inform the Registry Trust about county court judgements. Sometimes (or quite a lot of times) these fall through the net. So just send an email to the county court where your case currently resides and ask them to ensure that your Judgement has been registered with the "Registry Trust". Credit agencies use this data to work out credit worthiness. Help credit agencies realise just how bad Alpha Technology is at paying their debts. Ensure the Registry is up to date.

I have attached the most recent Trust Registry Search for those of you who may be intrested.

Here is an example mail

Heading.... Case CxyzT~(Your case number): Registration of Judgement with Registry Trust
Email address... (you will have to lookup the actual email address)


I would be grateful if you could send the details of my county court Judgement to the Registry Trust. It appears they have not got the details of my CCJ. The case number is CxxxT(Your Case number) and I attach a copy of my Judgement. My case currently resides at your court.

Thank you

Your Name

This will help other people who follow....
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