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« on: October 04, 2014, 11:29:19 pm »
Listen, if you have a case of $1500 or more, I would suggest to go with a sure thing and call LPC Law:

They will do EVERYTHING for you, and make sure that it's all done correctly. One poor soul did all the work himeslf and his case got thrown out because of a technicality. They helped win my case, and have won many other cases.  They've decided to give a discounted package deal for all FightAlpha users. See their email below.


Dear FightAlpha,
Thank you for your call earlier this afternoon.
As discussed, we would be very happy to assist you and your colleagues in relation to their respective claims against Alpha Technology. In fact, we have already received some instructions since your case was heard.
Having spoken to the head of department, we would be able to offer a fixed fee of £600 for each case. This is our 'full small claims service' and would involve -
1. Initial advice in relation to prospects of success;
2. Drafting and sending a letter before claim;
3. Issuing court proceedings;
4. Case management through to trial; and
5. Solicitor (as opposed to advocate) attendance at the trial.

* The above fee is reduced by approximately £99 where the full service is purchased as opposed to it being purchased 'piecemeal'. This also includes solicitor attendance at the trial (the normal package only includes advocate attendance)
This wouldn't include the court issue and hearing fees which are detailed here -
As you will see, depending on the claim value, the court issue fee ranges from £25 to £410 depending on the claim value and the hearing fee ranges from £25 to £335, again, depending on the claim value.
If, of course, any matter was resolved at an earlier stage than trial, the relevant proportion of the fixed fee would be refunded.
We do require payment in advance of services being provided.
By way of procedure, if you were able to direct your colleagues to contact my colleague Andrew Morgan (  or telephone +44 0800 122 3173) in the first instance, he would be able to set them up on our system, take payment and send out our retainer.
Once the signed retainer and payment are received, together with paperwork, we would be able to start work on the case.
Please let me know if you have any questions or require any further information.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,


Paul, thank you. This is exactly the information I was hoping for.

There is one clarification I need before sending this out to my newsletter list. I know it’s something that most everyone will want to attempt because Alpha’s defenses have been very weak: a Summary Judgement letter.

Can I advertise that this is also included in the costs below?

Thank you


Dear FightAlpha,
An application for summary judgment would be outside of the quoted fixed fee and would incur a further fee.
Our fixed fee for this would be £380 which would include the court application fee, preparation of the application and witness statement and attendance at the application hearing by an advocate.
However, this would only be appropriate upon receipt of a defence to the claim and therefore the previous services would have been incurred (i.e. initial advice, letter before claim and issuing court proceedings).
In your case, it is often possible to seek full costs provided a judge accepts there has been unreasonable behaviour. We would be happy to discuss this option on a case by case basis with the relevant litigant.
Please let me know if you have any questions or require any further information.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

That was the full email chain.  If instead you are looking to only have a solicitor represent you during hearing (and attend for you), then Their cost to attend your hearing is 350 GBP flat fee, which is recoverable.

Ask for Genevieve, she’s the one that won my case.
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