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Hey Guys,

I was successful in getting refunded from Paypal. People on Bitcoin Talk requested that I post this image proof here. When I got my refund I called paypal back and they gave me this reference number: BC-003-447-192-336

BTC Address if people wish to donate: 1E33DAq4LLHocgJGfxh58MqopsgCkv1emd

Best of luck to everyone! I'll keep you updated on where I net out from the bank transfer stuff.

This is absolutely FANTASTIC NEWS. Just for context, this was your original post on bitcointalk

--- Quote ---so it was a successful day for me. I payed my 30% deposit through paypal and my additional 70% via wire transfer.

I contacted paypal yesterday who opened a dispute and contacted alpha about it, but the dispute was immediately closed due to the 45 day rule. I called back this morning and pushed the issue until I got transfered to a supervisor. She said she had to do some research on it, so I fully explained the situatoin and how other people had already reported alpha to paypal, etc etc. Within an hour the 30% was back in my paypal account.

Then I contacted my bank on a hope and prayer regarding the wire transfer. Turns out they do have some options on wire transfers (at least USBank does). They are contacting alpha's bank and requesting the funds on grounds of fraud, and I have filed a report with USbank's fraud department as well. I will know more by Friday hopefully- I'll keep you guys posted.

Moral of the story- if paypal gives you the run around, call again, and again, and again. Be very nice to the people and I recommend immediately asking to speak with a supervisor or protection services. It also obviously helps if you run a decent amount of money through paypal every year- I threatened to switch companies and payment processors for a bunch of my stuff which i think helped to put pressure on paypal to rectify the situation rather than just passing the buck.

I'll update when I hear more on the wire transfer.

--- End quote ---

Also, when you call paypal and after you get your refund, be sure to throw this guy some coin. One is all we needed and now the floodgates can open. GOOD WORK SIR.

Could you please posta picture with some more information on it, lets say the transaction number or perhaps the communication with the employee.

PP keeps telling me that they don't offer any refunds because of the 45 day rule and they don't believe me when i say it happenend with others.

Could you give a timeline of the steps in the PayPal refund progress?
I triggered mine 1,5 month ago through my CC company, but at the moment PayPal also reopened the dispute.
Seemed that AT responded within 3 days and the ticket is currently back under review by PP.

I have probably called PayPal over 15-20 times in the past 6 months. I had a case opened back in June and it closed almost immediately due to the 45-day rule they constantly keep quoting. I have talked directly with several supervisors, managers and service reps in general customer service, the fraud department and protection services with no luck. The only "refund" I have received is a $100 goodwill credit. It is true that PayPal issues these goodwill credits based on your account activity and the amount of funds you have moved through. I have been a PayPal customer for 10+ years and have moved roughly $15-17K through my account, and despite that I only qualified for a $100 credit. If you move a lot of money through PayPal and you originally ordered the 5Mh/s unit from AT for about $650 USD you will likely be entitled to a refund from PayPal which will actually be a goodwill credit to keep you as a customer, not a true refund. I however, have the misfortune of placing an order for the original 25Mh/s unit which was roughly $2700 USD and a goodwill credit will no come close to a full or reasonably partial refund.

I can certainly confirm that your interaction with PayPal service changes drastically from one agent to another. I have spoken with sympathetic helpful agents as well as supervisors who agressively insist I stop calling. As nearly everyone else has stated before, the best thing we can do is KEEP CALLING PAYPAL and insist they do something about Alpha Technology. I have had one manager in the protection services department admit there is an active investigation into Alpha Tech, but did not release any information and refused to discuss the topic of others receiving refunds. If you are fortunate enough to receive a credit, please post the details on this forum including the name of the agent you spoke with, the details of the refund including amount, and the department that you worked with (fraud, protection services, etc.) This will ensure others are armed with a more direct approach to work toward being awarded a refund.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this forum thus far. And keep fighting!!!!


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