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« on: October 13, 2014, 04:59:51 pm »
Here is the information showing that I did indeed get a reversal and full refund from PayPal for the 30% down payment I initially paid to Alpha-t.  I hope this helps you all get your money back. 

My original payment to Alpha-t was on Jan 4, 2014.
PayPal reversed this payment for me on Oct 3, 2014

My name is:  PM me...

Reversal (Unique Transaction ID # 55H06240T7828644W)
See related 6YU14735AK051702W  ( This was my original Jan 4 purchase ID.)

Original Transaction
 Date                   Type                                                                                Status            Details                                                                     
 Jan 4, 2014   Payment To Alpha Technology (int) Ltd      Reversed      PayPal reversed this payment and returned the money to your PayPal account.     Amount -£405.00 GBP

Related Transactions
 Oct 3, 2014   Reversal    Completed    ...   £405.00 GBP
 Oct 3, 2014   Currency Conversion    Completed    Details   -£405.00 GBP
 Oct 3, 2014   Currency Conversion    Completed    Details   $629.87 USD

Business Name:   
Alpha Technology (int) Ltd

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