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hi first post here !   8)  8)
i payed to this ISIS guy (mohamad akram  wich i think is in syria or iraq ) with bank transaction and i  live in EU but out of UK
so any body want to give me some advice in exchange of MOHAMAD AKRAM and FIAZ MALIK robber and his dude which i saved his/their picture in MARCH 2014  8)  8)
and you need to know this bastard CHANGE THE WHOLE TEAM because NONE of them had englis hname and all been arabian names im 100000 % sure about it.

just spread his picture every where maybe we see him and his robber crew in dear "Guantamo" some day  8) 8)  <<<<  FIAZ MALIK   <<<<<     Mohammed-Mubasher-Akram

If you like these picture here is the way to say tnx:
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